Report Card Rewards

Companies That Give Your Child Free Stuff for Good Grades

Report card rewards are frequently given out by schools or by parents, but did you know that there are major companies that give rewards for good grades? These are usually free items, and can be claimed by your child showing the manager or an employee his/her report card with A’s or B’s. 

Below is a list of national and well-known companies that give report card rewards: 

2. Limited Too. On their website, Limited Too (a clothing store for “tween” girls) states that they want to “congratulate girls on receiving outstanding grades.” Report cards with passing grades must be brought to a girl’s local Limited Too store within 30 days of when she receives it. The girl will receive $5.00 off her purchase that day. 

3. Blockbuster Blockbuster will give one free movie rental for A’s. The movie must be from the “kids” or “families” category. 

4. Chuck E. Cheese Chuck E. Cheese locations give away free tokens for good grades. They accept all types of grading systems, and will give away a maximum of 15 tokens. Currently, an “A” or equivalent is worth 3 tokens, a “B” is worth 2 tokens, and a “C” is worth 1 token. Note: You must make a food purchase for this offer. 

5. Family Video They give out a free rental in the summer for A’s on a report card. The child must bring their final report into his/her local Family Video store. 

Remember, that the above list is subject to change at any time, and may vary depending upon where you live. There may be local businesses in your area that reward good grades. Check with your child’s teacher, school, or PTA. Some schools give out rewards at report card time such as free meals to local restaurants. 

Report card rewards are a great free way to motivate your child to get good grades, or improve his or her school performance. 

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