50 ways to lower your bills by these ideas...

by Connie David
(Minneasota, Minneapolis)

Household Tips

by Connie David
1. Remove Broken Key From Lock.
Put some super glue on broken off part, insert and hold a few seconds – will pull out rest of key.
2. Remove Broken Light Bulb.
Stick a bar of soap into jagged edges, use soap as handle.
3. Remove Stubborn Screw.
Heat with a soldering iron for a few seconds first.
4. Protect Children From Sockets.
Keep a piece of electrical tape over them when not in use.
5. Good Glass Door Safety Tip.
Put a BIG decal on those glass and patio doors.
6. Keep Nails From Splitting Wood.
Blunt sharp end of nail before you use by hitting with a hammer.
7. Repair Small Holes In Screen.
Plug holes with clear nail polish, let dry, repeat until filled.
8. Straighten Warped Phono Records.
Place record between two sheets of glass, set in sun for a while.
9. Best Way To Clean Phono Records.
Dip in solution of detergent and water, rinse and wipe dry.
10. Make Your Own Fireplace Logs.
Roll newspapers up tightly in shape of log. Papers are wood.
11. How To Remove Oil From Driveway.
Cover with sand, let stand a few days, then sweep off.
12. Keep Fish Hooks From Rusting.
Stick them in a cork and submerge in some baking soda.
13. Make Sandpaper Last Longer.
Back sandpaper with masking tape.
14. How To Revive Old Razor Blades.
Rub them back and forth inside of a drinking glass.
15. Where To Sell Box Tops And Labels.
Egglestone Enterprises, 207, Main Street, Milford, NY 13807.
16. Remove Labels From Bottles & Jars.
Fill with hot water and then submerge in hot water, will just fall off.
17. Cut Glass Without Glass Cutter.
Use tin snips and cut under water, smooth rough edges with sandpaper.
18. Easy To Unglue Stamps & Envelopes.
Put in freezer a few hours then flip off with knife blade.
19. Get Water Out Of Your Watch.
Strap watch to light bulb, turn on for a few minutes. Water drops will form on crystals, open up and wipe off.
20. Prevent Snow Sticking To Shovel.
Coat shovel with car wax.
21. Tighten Your Hammer Handle.
Soak in used engine oil for a day.
22. Low Cost Laminating- EASY.
Cover article with clear contact paper. Works perfectly!
23. Open That Stuck Zipper.
Spray that stuck zipper with shaving foam.
24. Remove Tar & Paint From Auto.
The product to clean paint from your car is BENZOL.
25. Increase Your Mileage.
Put 4oz of benzol to each ten gallon of gasoline to incr. mpg.
26. How To Renew Car Batteries.
Dissolve 1 oz Epsom salts in water and add to each cell.
27. Easily Untie A Knot In A Chain.
Cover the knot generously with cold cream.
28. Loosen Those Tight Shoes.
Put some damp newspaper into shoes and leave for a few days.
29. Make Shoes Slip Proof.
Take scissors and scratch Scissors on the soles.
30. The Ideal Pin Cushion.
Use a bar of soap, makes sewing easier. Needle just slides through.
31. Make Your Own Metal Polisher.
Take a black board chalk and rub into cloth, then rub on metal.
32. Good Dog & Cat Repellent.
Place moth balls in areas where you are bothered by animal odors. They will avoid it.
Animals hate mothball odors.
33. When Your Pet Has No Appetite.
Try a saucer of beer. It’s been known to perk up the appetite.
34. Easy To Rid Pets Of Fleas.
Put a foam rubber pad in the pet’s bed – fleas hate it.
35. Quick Way To Press Ties.
Hang in bath while you shower – steam takes wrinkles out.
36. How To Remove Staples.
An old nail clipper works just fine for removing staples.
37. Eliminate Odors From Disposal.
Throw a lemon in it and let it be ground up.
38. Keep Salt Moisture Free.
Put pieces of ink blotter in shaker. It will absorb moisture.
Or try uncooked rice.
39. Simple Eye-Glass Cleaner.
Vinegar diluted in water makes a fine eyeglass cleaner.
40. Easy Clean Glass Doors & Mirrors.
Just rub with a damp newspaper – they will shine.
41. Easily Reduced Ashtray Smell.
Keep a small amount of baking soda in ashtrays at all times.
42. Messless Painting From Bucket.
Punch several holes around rim of can with small nail.
43. Take Lumps Out Of Paint.
Cut a piece of screen to fit inside of can or bucket, it will float to bottom,
taking the lumps with it.
44. Keep Bugs Out Of Paint.
Pour a little insect repellent in the paint. It does the trick.
45. Prevent Flowers From Fading.
Use a few drops of chlorine bleach in water, add an asprin for life.
46. A Simple Roach Formula- It WORKS.
Crumble cigarette butts in water, let dry then spread in roach areas.
47. Save Painting Clean Up Time.
Cover roller tray with aluminum foil, then just throw away.
48. A Novel Paint Can Cover.
Use plastic lid from a coffee can.
49. Keep Piano Keys Looking New.
Keep cover open, ivory turns dark if exposed to darkness.
50. How To Remove Grease From Rugs.
Pour ample amount of baking soda on it, brush in,
let stand for a day, vacuum off.

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