Aldi Foods

Shop and Save 50% or More On Your Grocery Bills

Aldi Foods is a smaller grocery chain that carries some name brand foods, and many of their own private label items. They offer prices that are greatly discounted from similar name brand products. They also carry their own store brand of low-fat items, “Fit and Active”. 

If you have never heard of Aldi's, or want to check out the nearest location to you.

Aldi's carries a variety of items besides groceries such as paper towels/plates, pet-food, and non-food items. They occasionally will offer specials such as electronics, or toys (particularly during the Christmas season). The toys they offer for the holidays are often priced lower than even Walmart. 

Top items To Purchase: 

1. Baking supplies Butter is consistently $1.99, and milk is available at the lowest price anywhere. Also, flour and sugar are regularly cheaper than the local grocery store. Real vanilla is available for less than half the price of a name brand. Around the holidays, they carry even more baking supplies than usual. 

2. Canned goods (fruit, soup, vegetables) Condensed soup that is similar to Campbell’s soup is sold for only $.35 a can at my local Aldi’s store. Also, they have the “chunky” ready-to-serve variety available for about $1.00 less than the name brands cost. Canned vegetables and fruit are regularly available for less than $.50. 

3. Drinks I already mentioned the low price on milk. Soda is available in two liter bottles for less than $.50. You can purchase 100% juice in 64 oz. bottles for $1.00. They frequently carry name brands like Arizona Tea or Propel Fitness Water at greatly reduced prices. 

4. Snacks They carry cookies for around $1.00 a package, and they carry chips for less than $1.00. If you need snacks for your child’s lunch or a birthday party, you can save a lot of money just in the snack section. 

Are there any items I would not buy? Personally, I will not buy the meat there, as it still does not seem as fresh as my local “regular” grocery store. The hamburger available has a higher percentage of fat. I usually avoid the produce as well, as it is a lower quality, in my opinion, and not as fresh tasting as it could be. 

What else should you know about shopping at Aldi Foods? First, you have to bring a quarter for a deposit for your shopping cart (you get it back when you return the cart). Also, you need to either bring bags or buy them for $.10 each. 

A final word of advice: Aldi’s also has a new meal planning website (found on our Free Tools page). It is great for planning budget meals and grocery lists.