Cutting and Using Coupons 
to Save on Groceries

Cutting coupons is a great tool to help you save money on name-brand groceries. Of course, be aware that many grocery items are cheaper if you buy the store brand. However, if you prefer name brand, definitely cut and use them. 

Here are some practical tips: 

1. Sort them by types of food and perishables/non-perishables. 
Use envelopes or a sorter to place them into various categories. An example would be: 
Envelope 1: Canned Goods 
Envelope 2: Frozen Foods 
Envelope 3: Baby Food 
Envelope 4: Cereal 
Envelope 5: Non-perishable Household Items (Toilet Paper, etc.) 

2. Go through them regularly to make sure they are not expired. 
You do not want to get up to the checkout counter and find out that they have expired a week ago. I recommend that you put the ones that are expiring soon in the front of your envelope or sorter, so that you use those first. 

3. Go shopping on double or triple coupon days. 
Find out what days your local grocery store doubles or triples them, so you can save even more money. Remember, many stores will only double or triple for a face value of up to $1.00. If in doubt, call your local grocery store and ask before you go shopping. 

4. Utilize any possible source. 
The most common source is the inserts in the Sunday paper. If it an especially good week, you may want to buy two papers or ask your neighbor who always throws their paper away to save it for you. Another source is the internet—but make sure that they are legitimate, not fraudulent

5. Do not be afraid to write a company and request them. 
About a year ago, I decided to experiment. I wrote approximately fifty companies that produced items I regularly used,

complimented their product, and requested a coupon. About 60% of companies were happy to send me some. A few places even sent me vouchers for free food items. 

6. Read the sales flyers and combine them with sales for maximum savings. 

If you get a sales flyer and Quaker Oatmeal is on sale for $1.00, and you have a $.50 coupon, you go on Double Coupon day and get it for FREE! There’s nothing better than free groceries every week. 

This is just another path to follow with the ultimate goal of debt free living. For some families, buying store brands or buying in bulk or at a discount store may be more cost effective. Do what it takes for YOUR family to save the most money.

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