Cheap Holiday Travel Tips –
How To Find Great Deals

Cheap holiday travel is one way to celebrate on a budget. Many families spend literally hundreds of dollars to fly home for the holidays. Some basic quick facts about holiday travel in the United States: 

  • Most travel is domestic. 
  • The majority is to visit family and friends. 
  • Average miles traveled is 550 (as of 2002) 
  • Average spending on travel is at least $140 per individual 

Obviously, if your goal is debt free living, you want to spend as little as possible. Here are some tips to help you: 

1. Check out Gasbuddy before you leave (if driving a car) to find the lowest prices on gas. Plan your trip around those stops to save money on gasoline.

Check for Lowest Gas Prices on Gasbuddy

2. Book airfares early, or wait for last minute deals. Either way you can save, depending on your destination. Remember, if you book your flight via the internet, you can save at least $20 by getting an eticket rather than requesting a “paper” ticket. Another little known tip—if you have booked a flight in advance and the price goes down closer to your date of travel, you can often call the airline and they will credit you the difference. 

3. This seems simplistic, but do not speed. Seriously, a speeding ticket could add hundreds of dollars to your trip. Some states have adopted ridiculous speeding fines in the thousands of dollars. Drive the speed limit, no matter how eager you are to reach your destination. 

4. Consider alternate travel arrangements. Often busses and trains such as Amtrak offer specials around the Thanksgiving or Christmas seasons. This could be less crowded than a plane, and a fun adventure for your family. Of course, you do have to have extra days off/travel time to consider these options. 

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