How to save money fast with these money saving tips and cut small spending impulses and save big bucks

How to save money fast and control your small spending impulses.  The tips below show you how to keep more in your wallet. 

  1. Avoid the drive-thru
  2. store a high calorie energy bar in your glove compartment. It will satisfy hunger pangs and keep you from succumbing to the temptation of take out, drive through or the convenience store snack section. 
  3. What is it about coffee that makes normally sane people spend 5$ on a cup of java they can make at home for less than 50 cents? I think it might be the ritual of going into the shop and walking out with a paper cup of brew they can sip as while walking or driving. I personally like McDonald's coffee. I know, it's embarrassing to say but a cup costs only 1$ and as long as you keep away from the temptation of buying a muffin to go with it, you're safe. Besides, sometimes it's nice to sit in a cafe with friends. 
  4. Avoid the temptation of putting refundable bottles and cans into recycling. Take them back to the store. You might not get much but it's money. 
  5. Don't buy expensive Hair Shampoo and conditioner - Buy on sale and buy the cheap kind. It goes down the drain anyway. If your hair is dry use coconut oil as conditioner instead
  6. And that goes for laundry detergent too. You don't need that much to get a clean load of wash. Make a test and see that using a smaller amount gets your laundry just as clean.
  7. Snacks at the checkout counter at the drugstore or supermarket. You don't need them. Take an apple from home and keep it in your purse.
  8. Needless to say, that goes for sodas too. Who needs a sugary drink? Nobody. Fill your water bottle at home and take it with you. 
  9. If you much take the kids shopping with you, bring along some special goodies hidden in your purse. When they start to whine distract them with these treats instead.

You'll find that you save quite a substantial amount of money by being conscious of your spending habits. 

It's a bit like weight watchers for spenders. A dollar saved here and there adds up. 

If you have some inspirational money saving advice to give your fellow moms, share them here.