Maternity Clothing –
Save Money on the Items You Need for Your Pregnancy

Maternity clothing is expensive, but it is possible to save money, live debt free, and still get the items you need. Pregnancy is an exciting time, but don’t be fooled into thinking you need every item when clothes shopping. 

First, consider these tips to save money on pregnancy apparel from moms who have “been there”. 

1. Ask your friends or family if they have maternity clothing you can borrow. If your sister or co-worker is close to the same size as you, this option could save you lots of money. 

2. Raid your hubby’s closet. You can borrow things from your husband or significant other like sweatshirts and flannel shirts to wear around the house. 

3. Buy classic pieces that can last you through more than one pregnancy. Resist anything really “trendy”. Pick things that will still be in style in a few years, especially if you are planning to have more than one baby. 

4. Decide whether you really need maternity underwear. Personally, I could always wear my “regular” underwear underneath my stomach while pregnant, but you have to decide if this would be comfortable for you. One thing you do need is a few good pregnancy/nursing bras. 

5. Shop at yard sales and consignment stores. You can often find a lot of basic pieces of clothing for a lot less than retail. 

Here is a list of the basic maternity clothing items you will need for your pregnancy: 

  1. Several good bras 
  2. Two pairs of jeans 
  3. One pair of sweatpants 
  4. Two or three pairs of classic black or tan pants/skirts (if you work outside your house) 
  5. One or two pantsuits or dresses (for work or church) 
  6. Several dressier shirts 
  7. Two or three casual shirts 
  8. Two pairs of pajamas if you wear them (get button-down shirts for nursing after the baby) 

Another tip—try to get jeans and pants with drawstrings rather than the classic “belly panel”. They will last you longer, and you can wear them after the baby comes. 

When it comes to sizing, most stores say to buy the size you wore pre-pregnancy. Most of all be sure to buy or borrow clothing that makes you feel attractive and comfortable throughout your entire pregnancy. 

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