Saving Money On Textbooks

Saving money on textbooks by finding the best deals on new and used books for college.

College is fraught with expenses. Clothing, school supplies, tuitions fees and of course text books.

One area you can be saving money on is textbooks.

Buying textbooks at the college bookstore is your most expensive options. So stay away if you can.

You can get better deals at the big online sites like amazon.

Try Used books stores. They're  also a good option. 

And you can sell the books back on places like Amazon. Try text book online sites such as BIGWORDS. They provide comparisons for used books and several ways to find what you need.

And you can always sell them back online to resellers like

  • Chegg
  • Barnes & Nobel
  • BookByte
  • Cash4Books
  • Alibris

A google search will provide you with a huge supply of used text book retailers.

Here’s a list from reputable dealers.

  • AbeBooks
  • Biblio
  • Bookbyte
  • Alibris

To name a few.

Pay attention to the edition of textbooks you are purchasing You might buy the wrong one, Textbooks change editions and reconfigure information making it difficult to follow. So get all the information (ISBN number) before you order. You can also email the professor and find out if it is necessary to get the most recent textbook. 

Rent Books Too

A great way to save money is to rent the books you need. Be careful to make sure the ISBN number is the same as the one on the College book list. It makes perfect sense to rent instead of buy. 

Try Craig's List, Kijiji and Paperback Swap for more help in finding  textbooks.

Saving money on textbooks takes some time and energy but so does saving money on anything. If you don’t have time, but you have money, then buy them at their most expensive – the college bookstore.

Otherwise search used books stores online. Find out who took the course last semester and offer to buy it off of them, Rent them if you can, Search used bookstores in your area, post an ad for the books you need.

Buying books used makes a lot of cents, I mean sense. They don’t have to be shiny and smelling new, as long as they give you the information required. And don’t forget to check the ISBN to make sure the book you’re buying is the right edition.