Cheap Airfare – Helpful Tips to Save You Money on Airplane Tickets

Cheap airfare is not impossible to find. If you have family that lives across the country, or want to take a dream vacation to Disney, it is possible to get a greatly discounted price on an airplane ticket. 

The first tip is to be a flexible traveler. If you are planning on flying home for the holidays, select several days you can be available to fly out. The more you “lock” your schedule in, the higher price you will pay. Also, be flexible on the times, and willing to take a “red-eye” flight if you must. 

Most well-seasoned travelers know that the best fares are in the middle of the day. Or the middle of the night. Or the middle of the week. Remember that you will probably not get the best rate on a weekend, or any other high-traveled day.

The next tip is book your flight early if possible. This is especially true if you have to fly on a weekend or holiday. However, there are also some great cheap airplane tickets available at the last minute if you are willing to be flexible with times and dates. 

Next, try to search different airports in the same area. For example, if you are flying out of New York City, check rates not only at JFK, but also from Newark. The broader you search, the more likely you are to get cheap airfare. 

Redeem your frequent flier miles if you have them. Some people have frequent flier miles or miles they have earned through a credit card, and they never use them. Schedule in advance if you choose to do this, as there are often restrictions about times and dates to fly. 

Finally, try to book your tickets online. I have always found the best deals to be online. Sometimes they are directly through the airport or airline. . Search around, and be sure to comparison shop before you book your tickets.

It is really not that hard to save money on airplane fares. Finally, do not forget that usually children under two fly for free—another good bargain! 

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