DIY Cheap Easter Baskets For Kids!!

Frugal Easter Basket Ideas!Make Your Own Cheap Easter Baskets!

Looking for cheap Easter baskets for kids? Why not make your own frugal Easter basket with these unique basket ideas!

We've always had to do Easter on a dime. Everything from the baskets to the dinner were budgeted and planned well in advance. However, our frugal Easter never appeared or felt cheap in any way shape or form. It took some frugal momma thinking on my part to come up with unique ways to spend less and still make it a memorable Easter for everyone. 

Through the years I've observed reactions to gifts and traditions. My holiday observation conclusions were consistent across the board. Kids don't necessarily want expensive gifts or money, they really long for our time and attention. My kids look forward to the traditions that we've created around the holidays more than what they get. It's true. Our Easter baskets are frugal but full of love and gifts of time. After all, that's what kids really desire...our time, and chocolate. :)

I hope this list of cheap Easter baskets for kids gives you an idea or two:

1. More Filler Please - Yes, I'm advocating that you purchase that unruly messy green stuff that sticks to everything and gets everywhere! This can really plump a basket up and make it appear full. Especially with a few jelly beans sprinkled inside of the filler. Your local dollar store carries it for around a $1 a bag. You can't beat that! I'll even try to salvage it in a storage baggy for the next Easter.

2. Reuse Old Easter Baskets - Sometimes grandparents will bring over an elaborate Easter basket that has some longevity to it. I tend to hold on to those for many many Easters and reuse them time and time again. The kids look forward to getting their Easter baskets out and setting them on the table so the Easter bunny can fill them. There are also some good Easter baskets at your local dollar store. Believe it or not we've had the same one going on for 3 years now. I'm even impressed with that!

3. Dye Easter Eggs On Easter - Typically, on Easter day, there is a lull of time between church and dinner. Why not fill it with some fun Easter activities? Every year we place one dozen eggs and a fun egg dying kit in each of our kid's baskets. The kids are excited to see what kind of egg dying kit they received! You know, there are all of those fancy kits with egg tattoos, glitter eggs, etc. This is a highly anticipated activity and it takes up a lot of room in their basket!

4. Little Chefs - Every year our kids help prepare Easter dinner. So, in their Easter baskets they each receive a recipe card stating what dish they will be helping with. Last year my son, Noah, made deviled eggs with his newly dyed hard boiled eggs! This is such a fun activity for them.

5. Easter Bunny Coupons - Did you know that the Easter bunny loves leaving coupons and money? Last year he left a coupon that was good for a family ice cream outing. He even attached $4 for the four of us! So, my little guy took us to Burger King and paid for all of us to have a soft serve ice cream cone. He still talks about this ice cream outing, and is curious what coupon will be left in his basket this year. 

6. Candy, Candy, Candy - You can't have an Easter basket without candy, right? The dollar store is my favorite place to shop for cheap candy. A couple large pieces of candy go a long way!! Not a fan of giving candy? Here is a great list of 50 non candy items to give this Easter holiday.

7. Books To Read - Who doesn't love a new book? Again, the Dollar Store always caries seasonal books, coloring books, and activity books. Most kids love a story or two and coloring pages. 

8. Religious Easter Basket - Don't have enough funds to purchase a Bible? Ask at a local Christian church if they give away free Bibles to the public. You will be surprised to find that most do! Write a little inscription on the inside and place it in your child's/ grandchild's basket. The Bible will be cherished for years to come.

9. Spring Is In The Air - We always do two things when Spring arrives: 1)Plant a garden and 2) fly a kite. Your local Dollar Store usually carries both seed packets and kites around this time of year. Every child loves going out on a windy day and flying their kite. 

10. Summer Is Almost Here - Another fun basket filler is anything that has to do with summer. How about a small beach pail or a little water gun? These are items that kids never grow tired of. 

It's my hope that my top 10 cheap Easter baskets for kids gave you an idea or two for this coming Easter! 

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