New Credit Card Scam

Be vigilant and watch for a credit card scam with fraudulent charges showing up on your credit card statement.

Credit card thieves are using stolen payment cards to skim off small charges of $9.84. Small charges can go unnoticed by credit card holders. 

Check your recent bank and credit card statements. Look for charges you don't recognize. Small charges are used to test a stolen credit card by spending just a few cents before charging it with  more. 

Don't Give information
if asked for your personal information by phone or online

If you are telephoned or emailed for personal information from companies that say they are your bank or credit card company, HANG UP. They'll be asking for your personal information and telling you to click on links. Don't do it, even if it looks official.

Instead, take the advice of NTT Com Security consultant Chris Camejo and go directly to the source. If a person calls you, claims to be with your bank and says you've been affected by the Target hack, hang up. Then call the bank number on your credit card to resolve the issue.

Similarly, if you get an email that seems official, don't click on any links. Call your bank or credit card company.

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