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Sales, Coupons, Spending Limits for Items

We have maintained a near constant monthly dollar expense on food, even though our income has gone up quite a bit in 28 years of marriage. The trick is

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Remember School Expenses

Your budget plan did not include payments to school. My kids go to public school, and we have to pay about $200 each for book fees per school year, $300

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Cheap Valentine Flower Delivery

I've finally found a cheap valentine flower delivery shop online! Sending love through the mail is a Valentine's Day highlight!

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Women Work From Home - 10 Must Read Ideas to Work From Home

Women work from home everyday. Yes, It's possible! These are some of the best work from home jobs that earn good money.

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Exactly What is a Secret Shopper?

You can become a secret shopper! Learn what is a secret shopper is and what companies are looking to hire a mystery shopper!

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Report Card Rewards; Freebies to Reward Your Child’s Good Grades

Report Card Rewards; Companies That Give Your Child Free Stuff for Good Grades

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Free Newborn Baby Stuff Available To You!

Free newborn baby stuff - There are some really neat free or inexpensive baby stuff available to you as a new mom or for a baby shower gift!

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children's museum

They offer free admission every first Sunday of every month.

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