Disney World Money Saving Tips – How to Take a Cheap Family Vacation to Disney World and Save Money

Disney World money saving tips are important for families who want to spend their yearly vacation there. Perhaps your children have been begging you to visit Walt Disney World, and you feel that you are unable to afford such a trip. You may be able to find that with these Disney World money saving tips, you can afford it after all! 

1. Look for a discount airfares. 

Don’t travel in the peak season. Remember, most families with young children will want to visit Disney World over Christmas vacation, spring break, or during the summer because of school. If you can possibly go during a less-traveled time, you will save a lot of money. Also, the park will be less crowded, and your family will enjoy the sights and rides more. Most people say that January is the best and cheapest month to go.

3. Bring your own snacks and drinks.One very popular Disney World money saving tip is to carry a backpack or diaper bag and include bottled water, sodas, juice boxes, and handy snacks. Be sure to remember baby food and formula or baby juices as well. Remember, the prices at the park for sodas and drinks are very high! Also, remember the other necessities such as sunblock, a digital or disposable camera, and diapers. 

4. Check ebay for discount ride/admission passes. People sell them for discounted rates on ebay. Just be sure to check the seller’s feedback before you buy to make sure they have a good rating. Some families will opt to sit through a timeshare presentation to get free ride tickets. 

5. Consider renting a house in the area. Check out private homes for rent. You could rent a home with several bedrooms, and split the cost with another family. Another advantage to this is that you will have a kitchen where you can prepare some of your meals. This will save you money on eating out. 

6. Minimize the souvenir spending. The prices at Disney World for souvenirs are not cheap. Your children should feel fortunate just to be able to visit—don’t feel like you have to buy them everything. Let them bring their own money they earned to spend if they want something. Besides being less expensive for you, this teaches your children responsibility. 

Hopefully, by using these Disney World money saving tips, your family will be able to visit Disney. If you are in debt now, pay off your debt first. Once you are living debt free, you can save money for your family to experience great vacations together. Remember, a good vacation doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

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