Earn Extra Money Part Time
from Home
Start Dog Sitting!

A great way to earn extra money part time from home is by starting your own dog boarding service.

If you are already working from home and need some extra cash, this is a great little business.

Of course you have to love dogs. If don’t like dogs, you will hate dog sitting. Also if you are a “neat freak” don’t even think of getting into the dog care business. There are better ways for you to earn extra money. Dogs have ways of messing up your house. They shed…a lot! They have muddy paws. Sometimes they have accidents on your rug. They also chew things they shouldn’t. But otherwise starting at dog boarding business is relatively cost free.

All you need to start is a few extra water and food bowls, some extra doggie beds and a dog crate for “time outs” in case you need it.

The mistake I made when I started my business was to advertise. DO NOT ADVERTISE or you will get into trouble with community bylaws. Do it through word of mouth. Soon you will have enough customers. As long as the dogs are happy, customers will tell their friends

If I would again decide to start earning money part time from home doing dog boarding, I would make sure to only take 1 or 2 dogs and I would charge a premium price for being “exclusive”.

But  if you do love dogs and you have some space then dog sitting or boarding may be just the right fit for you. Even if you have a small apartment you can still take in dogs, just take in smaller ones. Or try to make sure they are not yappy or the neighbours might complain.

I know someone who was a stay a home freelance graphic designer; she sometimes had 7 or 8 dogs in her home at one time. I think that might be a little chaotic.

I would recommend sticking  with 2 to 3 dogs, I charged $25 a dog for boarding five years ago. Now people are charging $30 per dog for doggie daycare. So, if you have 2 dogs a day for 5 days, you can earn a minimum of $250 a week. Or $1,000 a month.

Dog sitting is just one way to earn extra money part time from home. It's a great way to pay down debt.

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