You Can Get Free Newborn Baby Stuff....
you just need to know where to look.

Free Newborn Baby Stuff

Free! What? Hearing that there are free newborn baby stuff available to us new moms is like music to my ever so exhausted ears. Most things "free" are too good to be true, but there is some hope on the baby horizon.  So, let the savings begin!

Free baby gear is a hot topic, especially for one income families or those that are hoping to stay at home. Free baby gear can make the world of difference in your baby budget. Or perhaps you are of the age where all of your friends are popping our peanuts, and you are invited to yet another baby shower. How much money can you possibly drop on baby gifts in one fiscal year? Right!?

Well, let me give you a few gift options for yourself or a loved one!

Top 3 Resources to Begin Your Baby Journey...

1. Baby Formula - Did you know that you can receive checks for baby formula? I couldn't breastfeed with my second child. I don't know the reason for my lack of milk supply, but nothing I did was working. Knowing that formula can run a few hundred dollars a month, I was determined to have some financial reprieve and find an affordable option for our family. When my son turned 3 months old, the grocery store cashier asked me if I was familiar with formula checks. Formula what? I was shocked to find that you can request checks by going to the official Enfamil, Similac, and Nestle Good Start websites. They send anywhere from $5 to $7 dollars good towards your formula transactions. You can even start collecting checks before your baby is even here! This was a huge help and a big savings during those first 12 months.  Learn how to get formula baby checks. 

2. Baby Leggings - I'm blessed with a house full of boys, but if I did have a little girl, this would be at the top of my list. This baby legging company gives you 5 baby leggings for free! Wondering what's the catch? Absolutely nothing! Each legging is $10 dollars. Once you've made your selections from 70+ styles, you'll be directed to your shopping bag. Be sure to enter the promo code FBF8CA and they will deduct 100% off the cost. All you have to pay is shipping and handling fees. The very best part about the promo is that you can use it multiple times by opening a new window. These leggings are perfect for us busy moms that need to change diapers on the go. In fact, you can change your little ones diaper without removing bottoms, and they protect knees for those beginning crawlers. My baby shower gift baskets always have a pair of these inside. You can order your free Baby Leggings Here!

3. Car seat Canopy - Ten years ago these didn't exist. I was continually concerned about whether or not the blanket I threw over the car seat was breathable, warm enough, and dark enough. Not to mention the issue of the slipping car seat blanket. Half the time the blanket that I draped over the seat would eventually end up on the ground. Needless to say, I grabbed myself a car seat cover when my second one came along. These car seat canopy's are fantastic. They come in multiple patterns and prints. Fabric is meant for the cold and the heat. They are machine washable and free. Need i say more? It's simple, just enter the code FBF8CA at checkout to get 100% of the cost deducted. All you pay is shipping and handling. If you need one for yourself and one for a baby shower, simply open and new browser and repeat the process. You can get your free Car Seat Canopy Here!

More Free Newborn Baby Stuff...

How To Get Your Freebies:

  • Udder Covers: Use Promo Code FBF8CA to save 100% of the cost of the nursing cover or breast pads – all you pay are the shipping fees! These are gorgeous nursing covers with multiple prints and colors to chose from.
  • Seven Slings: Promo code FBF8CA (just pay shipping). The way I carried all my babies for the first 12 months.
  • Nursing Pillows: Enter coupon code FBF8CA at checkout.
  • Belly Button Band: Use coupon code FBF8CA to get two maternity bands that attach to your pants allowing them to expand with your belly – FREE! No need for maternity pants!

Get all 6 items og FREE newborn baby stuff when you use our FBF8CA coupon code!

Even with paying just shipping, these are deals that you really save on! Hopefully these free newborn baby stuff will help with your baby budget.

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