Help! I am not sure how to get out of this mess.How do I budget ?

by Lori
(Ontario canada)

Hi ,I am a single mother with 6 children living at home.And three grown up and left home.My husband was removed by CAS.
4 of us have special diets,and medicines etc.
I get 2500$ a month for the child tax credit.
I do not have a job because I have health problems that make me a bit unemployable at the moment.
Do to some surprise expenses ,i am now in dept for about 10,000 to my credit cards and various services(like my machanic)I must have my van because we live out of town and my son has epilepsy.I do not qualify for consolidation loans.I do not qualify for welfare or community services because my houe is paid out.I still have taxes and repairs to pay.My payments and montly expenses leave us with about 125 $ a month for food and gas,and nothing for clothes,recreation,saving,or any thing not necessary.I always make my payments on time.Hydro is very ezpensive.I cannot sell the house yet because it is in my husbands name still.I do not mind not having extras but that is not enough for groceries and gas and van related expenses.We don't have cable,we have the least expensive internet,which is needed by our schools.
I am filing for child support but that may be impossible to get as my ex tends to stay unemployed,and it will be months before it will go through.I am applying for canada disability but it will be 6 or more months before it kicks in.
I am not a good writer and I do not think i have organized it well.Hope it is alright.

What would you suggest I do?How should I budget?

Response from Moms-Living-Debt-Free.Com:

Please check our website pages on budgeting and paying down debt. Also, check out our resource page for a lot of great helpful information.

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