I let other people pay my bills for me

by Jessica
(Ann Arbor, Michigan)

My story is a very common one these days. After college I had built up a credit card balance of nearly $5000 with no real strategy on how to pay it off. I carried this balance for several years just barely covering my monthly finance charges. I was planning my wedding at the time when my fiance came across a website that allowed you to create a registry of your unpaid bills and send it to friends or family for big occassions like birthdays or Christmas. It was pretty easy to use, we just added the info about our bills and sent the registry to everyone that we invited to our wedding. For us it was the perfect answer at the time as we were planning on registering at a department store for our wedding gifts. We just figured that we would rather be debt free when we started our lives together vs. having some extra kitchen gadgets and china. We cut our debt in half within a month and are now just a couple weeks away from finally paying it all off. It may not be for everybody but it worked great for us. The site is Billpayregistry. Good luck!

-Jessica R.

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