Individual Health Insurance – How to Save Money on Health Care Coverage for Your Family

Individual health insurance is important because thousands of American families have no health coverage. Maybe you are young and in good health,and you don’t feel the need to get health coverage. Maybe you just lost your job and have no insurance. 

You should have health coverage. When there is a car accident, or your child gets sick, you want to have the confidence that medical care is paid for, and know that you will not have to go into debt. My first suggestion if you are uninsured is to see if your children can be covered through your state’s children’s health insurance program:

Find Free or Low Cost Children's Health Insurance

Next, if you have lost your job, consider COBRA until you are able to find a new job with health coverage. COBRA is a law that requires your employer to give you the option to continue your group health coverage for up to 18 months after employment has ended. The bad side is that you have to pay the full cost of this coverage, which can be very expensive. However, even at full cost, it is less expensive than paying high medical bills.

When considering individual health insurance, you should compare costs and types of plans. Find out whether or not the plan covers “pre-existing” conditions (major health problems or issues you already have). Some insurance companies will accept someone with pre-existing conditions, but the premiums will be higher. 

Other things that affect the price of the individual health insurance premiums are: 

1. Your gender 
2. Your age (are you older or younger) 
3. How many people are in your family for coverage 
4. Your health history and any physical conditions you may have 
5. Your occupation and hobbies (example: if your hobby is sky-diving, your premium would obviously be higher!) 

Of course, the most important part of health care savings is prevention. This means that when you do have health insurance, it is important to see your doctor regularly for an annual physical exam. This exam should include blood work. For women, see your gynecologist yearly also. 

Exercise regularly to prevent health problems, and eat right. Doctors recommend five servings a day (minimum) of fruits and vegetables. Giving up smoking is another way to stay in good health. 

In conclusion, there are several options if you are uninsured. First, check for coverage through your last job (Cobra). Next, find out if your state offers health coverage. 


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