Get Insurance for Less

Save Money on Life, Health, Dental
and Auto Insurance

Insurance for less money is a topic that is important for both men and women.

Here are a few general tips regarding insurance: 

1. Always have health coverage. Medical bills can cost you thousands of dollars and end up on your credit report (should you be unable to pay). Even if you are between jobs, extend your previous coverage until your new coverage kicks in. For your children, if your family is uninsured, most states now offer free or low cost children's health insurance. 

2. Become educated about different kinds of coverage. In order to get cheaper insurance, you need to know all about the different kinds of coverage available. You need to be aware of why they are necessary and how they are useful. In this section of, we will help you by discussing how to save money on the following: 

Life Insurance 
Health Insurance (and how to get an individual plan) 
Individual and Family Dental Plans 
Auto Insurance 
Homeowners Insurance

3. Always shop around for best rates. There are websites that let different agents contact you and compare rates. I have saved hundreds of dollars by comparing rates on various kinds of coverage. 

4. If you have multiple policies with the same company, ask for discounts. If you have your homeowner's and auto policies with the same company, you should be able to get discounts to get cheap insurance rates. Usually the discounts are anywhere from 10-20% of the normal quotes. Ask your agent about this.

5. Always use a reputable agent or company. If you haven’t heard of the company before, do research on them on the internet. If you are going through an agent, be sure to ask around to make sure he or she has a reputation for honesty. Remember, it’s often cheaper to buy insurance directly, because agents are getting a commission. On the other hand, some people like the convenience of having an agent they know help them with the claim. 

6. Here is a big one...Go with an insurance broker!! Their alliance is not with any one company, so they will shop around for the best deals from all insurance companies. My husband and I have done it both ways and will never be without an insurance broker.

By following these tips and learning about different kinds of insurance coverage, you will be able to get insurance for less. Do your research and make wise decisions to protect your family and your assets. 

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