Live within your salary, not your neighbor's salary

by Ginger

1. No cable television.
2. Give dogs and cats the same dry food (don't buy dog food and cat food).
3. Stop eating out (maybe once a month and split a meal with your spouse).
4. Be a stay at home mom (or dad) then you will not have to spend money on work clothes, lunches, on a car (use the car when your spouse gets home) gas, and day care.
5. If you do work, take your lunch everyday.
6. Have a home gym or walk and use exercise DVDS at home.
7. Make at least one big dinner a week that will be two leftover meals.
8. Color your own hair instead of the salon. Avoid getting highlights, they are either too dark or too light every month anyway
9. When you get your hair cut tell the stylist you will dry it at home, No blow drying costs.
10. Get rid of your house phone and just use a cell phone.
11. Budget everyday expenses and pay cash. You will spend less every time.
12. Never use credit cards.
13. Budget all holiday spending.
14. Use a tea bag twice for cup of tea.
15. No Starbucks.
16. Buy clothes that never have to be dry cleaned. (Learn how to iron clothes)
17. Work close to your job or work at home.
18. Take a vacation close to home traveling in your car and camp at camp grounds instead of hotels or stay with family out of town.
19. Buy clothes made in materials that spread out over several seasons. Compensate by wearing a matching jacket to stay warm or taking the jacket off to stay cool.
20. Keep family outings simple and cheap i.e. fly kites, go fishing close to home, nature walks, picnics, free museum day, family potluck dinners etc.
21. Open the windows on a beautiful day and leave them open at night if it's cool enough without the AC.

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Aug 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

If you can't afford to take proper care of your pets you should not own them. If you cannot afford proper nutrition how can you afford vaccines and neuter/spay? What happens if they get sick or have an accident? Pets are an "extra" that should only be brought in to a family when you can afford them and be responsible for them.

May 08, 2008
by: Julie from

What a lot of useful tips! Thanks for sharing with our readers!

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