Living within our means

by Melody Champion
(Santa Maria, CA)

1. Stopped using credit cards
2. Use automatic bill pay to avoid paying late fees
3. Eat out less or have eating out double as the entertainment
4. Phoned my cable company & asked for their current promotion, which lowered my bill. (I do this every year-because the promotion usually lasts about 1 year)
5. Phoned my cell phone company and asked for a deal also, they were able to give me a month free of service.
6. Make my own powdered laundry soap. It's easy, quick, fun, gets the clothes remarkably clean and has saved me a ton of money.
7. Recently started making my own fabric it, too!
8. Switched my Netflix plan to only online--we had the plan with 1 DVD per month but now we save $8.00 per month. For movies we can't get through Netflix streaming, we use Redbox.
9. Cook more than enough dinner for lunch/dinner leftovers-big money & time saver!

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