Make Money Online Paid Surveys; My Top Legit Paying Survey Companies!

Make money online paid surveys - Yes, you can make money doing online surveys. There are people who do get paid to do surveys. You do have to make sure that they are a legit paid survey company.

I'm going to be honest with you, paid survey jobs are not going to replace your full time income. Paid survey money can be enough so that you can have:

  • Christmas cash
  • Fun money
  • Grocery store money
  • Shopping vouchers
  • Date night money

I think you get the picture. I use the term "job" loosely because any income is minimal. However, minimal cash flow can sometimes make a big difference.

OK, now that I got my "money making disclosure" out of the way; let's take a look at top paying/legitimate survey companies. Let's start...

Tips For Starting Your Survey Job...

  1. Make sure you set up an additional email account through gmail etc. You will need to enter your email address with a lot of the surveys. This can mean an influx of unwanted emails. By setting up an additional email account, you can separate your personal emails from your business ones. 
  2. Always be sure to confirm your membership. This will activate you into their system. If you miss this step then you will not receive any offers to take surveys. 
  3. Make sure to never "buy a survey list." This is a scam. You are looking to make money; not spend it.

Legit Paid Surveys - Make Money Online Paid Surveys

  1. CashCrate - This is my favorite. Why? Because it pays and it even gives you the potential to make some "residual" type income. My favorite things about this survey company:
  • It's free to join
  • They pay monthly
  • You can earn commission (more about that below)

That's right, they pay you reoccurring commission on surveys your friends take. I love this because both of you win. Your friend makes money and so do you! You can make this a "mini business!" Is money going to just flow in? No, like anything it takes work. However, with CashCrate this is doable.

Need ideas about how to refer CrashCrate to others? Simple...

  • Attach your URL to your email signature
  • Post a blurb about it on Facebook
  • Run an ad on Craigslist
  • Tell your family and friends
  • Print up fliers

Does CashCrate sound like a good fit for you? You can sign up here and start earning some money!

     2.Survey Savvy - Survey Savvy is very similar to CashCrate. You can also earn referrals from friends;as well. I personally have stuck with CashCrate, but Survey Savvy has a good reputation as a legitimate survey company so I thought I'd pass it on to you! One thing about Survey Savvy that caught my eye is that you can request payment after earning $1. That is pretty nice! They also send you notices in your email inbox when they have a survey that fits your profile. I like that as well.

The extra added bonus with these two companies is that you can do both of them!! If you think that Survey Savvy is right for you, you can sign up here.  It is possible to make money online paid surveys!

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