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Learn How to Get Paid Taking Online Surveys - Legitimate Cash

How do you make money taking surveys? Is this really legitimate? The good news is that, yes, it is true you can make some extra cash each month doing online surveys. On the flip side, you will not make a living by filling out surveys. However, with the price of gasoline and the rising cost of food these days, it doesn’t hurt to earn an extra few bucks each month to put towards stocking the cupboard or filling up the gas tank! Another bonus is that you can also earn free sample products like diapers or food. 

Here are a few tips if you would like to make money taking surveys: 

1. Sign up for several survey sites to increase your earnings. If you really need extra cash, signing up for just one site won’t be enough. 

2. Remember that rewards may vary by site. Some survey sites pay by entering you into lucrative sweepstakes. Other sites will pay you $1-$5. I have actually been paid $10 in Amazon gift certificates for completing surveys before. Often, you will be rewarded with freebie products. 

3. Be sure the website is legitimate (The sites listed at the bottom of this page ARE legitimate!). Also, remember that most sites require you to be an adult to sign up. You will usually have to give your name, address, and some demographic information (like age range) to see what surveys you qualify for. 

4. Set up an email address for taking surveys, and check it often. You may receive a lot of mail from some survey companies, so it is wise to set up a separate “survey” email such as a hotmail or yahoo address. Also, companies will send you emails requesting you to take a survey, so be sure to check on a regular basis. 

5. You should never PAY to join a survey site to make money taking surveys. Do not be fooled by sites that charge you a fee to give you a list of survey companies. In fact, at the bottom of this page are a list of major, reputable survey companies. To join, simply click on the banners, sign up, and get started! 

It is lots of fun, and fairly easy to make money taking surveys. Extra cash is always great! Check out the recommended sites below, and enjoy getting started making money with online surveys! 

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