Some Really Great Money Saving Ideas!

Below are some easy money saving ideas! Do you find yourself needing more money? There are three main ways to achieve this: make more, save more, and spend less.

Here are some of my favorites...

Food Saving Tips

  • If you’re a family who eats a lot, buy in bulk.
  • If you aren't, don’t waste money on buying lots of perishables on sale. If you’re like most people, a lot of food will end up in the garbage. That's a big waste of money.
  • Make a list of meals you will prepare for the week. Write down the ingredients, shop for those ingredients. It's a great way to have a meal plan and stick to a budget. This is one of the strongest money saving ideas because the average person spends so much of his total budget on food. 
  • Saving money does not mean buying lots of the same item when it’s on sale. You’ll just use more. For example: paper towels get used a lot more frequently when we know we have an endless supply in the cupboard. Better idea: use micro cloths, they’re great for cleaning anything, throw them in the laundry, their cheap too.
  • Using coupons is a  great saving money idea But just buy products you need, and not just because there is a coupon. Some people are so good at couponing they've written books about it.
  • I am a dismal couponer, either I forget them at home, forget to present them at the cash, forget my shopping list. I am a disaster. If you are a fabulous coupon queen, please give the rest of some pointers. You can find a lot of coupon sites on the web. Download them as you need them, share with friends, cut them out of magazines and newspapers, write to food companies either complaining about their product or complimenting them. They will send you coupons either way.
  • My daughter made a career of it when she was 11 years old, She loved writing to every company whose address she found and write about how she loved their product. And wait eagerly for a response, which there always was. Usually the response consisted of coupons and free samples! Try it, it’s fun.

Clothes Saving Tips

  • Swapping clothes with friends. This is a great idea if your friends are the same size, otherwise it doesn't work so well, But you can do it with jewelry (not your aunt’s heirlooms) shoes, accessories etc..
  • Swapping kids clothing is the best.
  • Have a swap party! Invite your friends to bring over their old treasures and go on a shopping spree. I have walked away with new clothes, pizza stone, and a fire alarm. It was a fun way to recycle!

Save Money On Kids

  • Save by trading baby sitting hours with friends.  Playgroup with 2,3 or 4 friends, for kid-free time. It’s a terrific way to save on babysitting (except when it’s your turn maybe)
  • Save on books. My brother used to buy books at the book store. In hard cover yet! He couldn't wait for the paperback or be on the library waiting list. Now, he can’t believe he used to be so wasteful. You don’t get much for your books by selling them at the used book store, but you can get bargains. Try shopping for your fiction or Sci-Fi at a second hand shop. You can find new bestsellers at a fraction of the price.
  • A patient person saves more because a patient person can wait for the sales. Or the best deal on large or small goods.
  • For big ticket items shop around. For small stuff, is it worth the gas, time and energy to save a penny? With gas prices what they are,you need to consider that aspect.

How About Making More Money?

I've touched on the saving more and spending less; now to cover making more money.

But to sum it up, 
 Make More, Save More, Spend Less

Do you have any money saving ideas? We'd love to hear from you!

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