Online Savings Account Reviews

Information to help You Open a High-Interest Online Bank Account

Online Savings Account Reviews are valuable in helping you open your first online savings accounts. First, why would you want to open a savings account online? 

Here are just two reasons: you generally get a higher interest rate on your money, you get the convenience of constant access to your account. 

Whether you need to start a savings account for your children for college, for your own retirement, or just to put aside money for a “rainy day”, My favorite online savings account is IngDirect

IngDirect gives high interest and does not charge any fees

You can take your money out at any time as you would with a regular bank account

You can get a debit card if you wish

I have been saving with IngDirect for many years. I love to see the interest grow. 

It's safe to put as much or as little money as you desire. And you can open more than one bank account, so you can put some in for your children etc... Transferring money from your other banks is simple and straight forward. 

If you are looking to save money with a high interest savings account and no bank fees look to IngDirect.