Practical ways to save

by Lynn

When I was pregnant with my son and had an 8 year old, I had $1350 a month to pay all our bills with...thankfully at the time I did not take the time to figure out how much this was a year or I would have just given up and never tried, but I paid most of our bills with this income for several years, including having a baby and the bills and expenses that come with that, having a house payment (usually paid an extra $100 each month also) and student loan payments too. I had the electric bill, water bill, phone bill, cable, garbage pick-up, car gas, doctor bills, groceries and other household expenses. I bought baby furniture and some clothes too. I have never had a credit card so I did not have the option to get something that I didn't have the money for...We cook everything from scratch, don't keep snacks around, don't eat out, don't have car payments, don't run around everywhere. We take short showers, watch our power usage (hair dryers, curling irons, coffee pots, and the hot water heater use most...we keep heat or air off until it's a must and then the thermostat is set at 68 for the heat and 80 for the a/c. I don't handle our bills anymore, but we still have to be careful...we cut hair at home or not at all. We don't do presents/gifts very often except our family for Christmas and birthdays, and not much and not extended family either, Dh doesn't think that is wise to spend money buying someone a gift they usually don't need or we stopped gift giving many years ago. I can't think of anything else at this moment...but hope this is encouraging.

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