Save Money On Gasoline!
Top 14 Ways to Lower your Bill at the Gas Pump

Save money on gasoline – this is possible by following some simple suggestions, and remembering to maintain your vehicle. Gas prices are at an all-time high in most areas of the country. For most people, however, driving is a necessity to get to work and other places. : 

Here are my top suggestions for saving money on gas 

1. Don’t drive if you do not have to. This is a simple, yet effective suggestion. Obviously, it is great if you can walk to the store or carpool to get to work. In fact, walking not only saves cash, but enables you to get good healthy exercise. 

2. Do not buy a gas-guzzling car. When you are car shopping, find out the MPG (miles per gallon), and factor the cost of fuel into your final decision. SUVs may be trendy and popular, but you will pay a lot of money to fuel them over the long-term. 

3. Maintain your car properly. This includes things like making sure the tires are at the proper air pressure, and that your engine is tuned. Also, get your oil changed regularly. 

4. Do not carry around more things than you have to. If you have fifty pounds of junk in your car’s trunk, you are carrying a lot of excess baggage, and definitely wasting more fuel than necessary. 

5. Avoid letting your engine run for long periods of time. Try not to just let the car run for fifteen minutes or half an hour in the morning before work, as this uses up a lot of unnecessary gasoline. Also, turn your car off when running into the store or post office. 

6. Make sure your gas cap is on tightly. This may seem like a simple tip, but if the cap isn’t on tightly, you could be losing fuel, and wasting money. 

7. Locate the cheapest gas station! There is an app, GASBUDDY, that tells you what station has the cheapest gas. It's great, you simply put in your zip code and voila. We use it when when we are traveling and are unfamiliar with the area.

8. Utilize your vehicles cruise control on the highway/freeway. Cruise control is a beautiful thing when the freeway calls for it. The consistent speed helps you keep gasoline in your tank.

9. CARPOOL! I'm sorry if that is a nobrainer. Sometimes fear of asking a co-worker to share a ride with you can keep you from saving gas money each month. You would be surprised how responsive people are to carpooling. Depending on where you live, you can even get to your destination faster by being able to use the carpooling lane.

10. Make sure your car tires have the proper air pressure. If not, your car will not be as gas efficient as it is meant to be. This can really help you save money on gasoline.

Have you watched the Movie "Larry Crowne" with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts? Larry has just been let go of his job and is downsizing. He notices that a Scooter fills up for $5 of gasoline at the filling station  while he's pumping about $80 worth into his SUV,  He gets ride of his gas guzzler and buys a used scooter to get around. (True, he's in California and not in the Midwest or Canada) but still...

11. Buy the lowest grade of gasoline possible. I used to think that it was better to get the higher grades, but read an article that said that as long as you are maintaining your car properly, you will be better off paying less for the “regular” grade of fuel. 

12. Do not speed. The faster you are driving, the more fuel you will use. Besides, if you speed you risk getting a ticket, which costs even more money! 

13. To save money on gasoline, do not use snow tires in the summer. Using snow tires uses up more gas. 

14. Try not to keep accelerating or making fast stops when driving. This uses up more fuel than maintaining an even speed. This should help you save money on gasoline.

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