Save Money on Valentine's Day

Celebrate Romance and Loved Ones for Less and Save Money on Valentines Day!

Save money on Valentines Day – most families do not think about Valentine’s Day as a big spending holiday, but there are more costs to this day to celebrate love and romance than you may realize. Let’s figure it out together: 

1. Valentine cards and a small gift for your each of your child’s classmates and teacher: $5 for cards, $20 for gifts (dollar store) = $25 total. 
2. Valentine cards sent to family members: cost (with postage) for ten cards: $15.00 for cards (at $1.50 each), $6.15 for postage = $21.15 total. 
3. You and your spouse or significant other buy cards and gifts for each other: $25-50 each = $100 total. 
4. You and your spouse go to dinner and a movie: $20 movie tickets and popcorn, $50 for dinner, $20 to pay the babysitter = $90 total. 

This brings the costs of Valentine’s Day up to approximately $236 minimum! 
However, it is possible to save money on Valentine’s Day
—here are a few helpful tips: 

1. Have your children make their own Valentine Cards. All you need is some colored paper, scissors, glitter, and glue. One easy idea is to have your child cut out different colored hearts, write Happy Valentine’s Day on them, and fasten a lollipop or pencil to the heart. This will cost you MUCH less than buying cards and gifts, even at the dollar store! 

2. Send e-cards to family members who live far away. This saves postage as well as buying cards. Do a Google search for free Valentine’s Day e-cards, and choose your favorite ones to send. An added bonus is that you will know exactly when the recipient views it. 

3. Make a romantic card for your spouse or significant other. It might be fun for you to write poems to each other, or even send e-cards. 

4. Set a budget for Valentine’s Day gifts to each other and for celebrating together. Figure out how much you have to spend. Maybe you could get $10 token gifts and spend $25 on dinner. Another idea is to do just dinner, or just a movie. Be creative and work within your budget. 

5. Exchange babysitting with friends. That way you can save money on the babysitting costs to go for an evening out. Another tip is to not go out ON the day of Valentine’s Day, but the night before or after, when restaurants are empty and costs are less expensive. 

It is not difficult to save money on Valentines Day celebrations. It is easy to show your family, friends, and loved ones you care, and still stay within your budget. 

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