Create a Simple Budget to Stay Out of Debt

Having a Problem Sticking to Your Budget?

Here is a way to create a simple budget to
stay out of debt

Collect your last few pay stubs and write down the average amount that you make each month, after taxes. Include all:

  • REGULAR income,
  • from work
  • rental property
  • side jobs
  • dividends. 

Don't include bonuses, garage sale earnings and the like.

Total up the amount. 

Now Total up your monthly expenses

for all bills paids every month.

  • Groceries
  • gas
  • medical
  • clothing
  • entertainment

At the beginning of the month, use a notebook and keep it easily accessible. Write in your notebook the amount you have after expenses. Keep all receipts and every time you spend money, write it on your notebook.

Write down all:

  • cash purchases
  • all check-card withdrawals
  • all on-line transactions
  • Every cappuchino
  • groceries
  • gas

Add it to the list.

Keep your notebook updated and it will show you where your money is going

it will help you spend less by thinking about your wants vs your needs.

Track your money and you will spend less, save more. Sleep better at night and feel great. 

This works.

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