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Practical Tips for Paying off Your Credit Card Debt 
Get out of credit card debt now!: 
Five Credit Card Traps to Avoid: Watch Out For These Sneaky Tips 
Always read the fine print on your credit card agreements. 
Credit Card Alternatives-Ideas for Those Who Do Not Wish to Use a Traditional Credit Card 
Prepaid cards can be helpful for travel. 
Get Rid of Credit Cards: Should I Cut Them Up or Close the Accounts? 
Can’t control your spending?—Maybe cutting up your cards is the best option. 
Debt Free by 30 – Is it Realistic or Possible? 
Find out who to become Debt Free by 30 (or Are you paying your bills late? Do you have too many credit cards?

Debt Consolidation Loans—An Easy to Understand Guide 
Pay off all your debts with one loan. 
Home Equity Loans are Another Option for Debt Consolidation 
Get a lower interest rate with a home equity loan.
Is borrowing money from family members or friends a good way to pay off debt?Consider these suggestions before borrowing from family or friends. 
Do I need Consumer Credit Counseling to Help Manage My Debt? 
Help for analyzing your debt situation, and planning future payments. 
What You Should Know About Bankruptcy Before Filing 
Your most common bankruptcy questions are answered here. 

A Budget—Why Your Family Needs to Have One
Why you should make your budget and stick to it.
Recommended Percentages for Each Budget Category
Learn how much of your money should go to each expense
Most Common Budget Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 
The biggest financial planning mistakes, and how you can fix them. 
Envelope Budgeting Using Modern Software 
Learn how to use the traditional envelope system, combined with today’s technology 
Single Moms on A Budget—Practical Advice for Living Debt Free 
Single moms face unique budgeting challenges; this article addresses some of them. 

Insurance Coverage for Less 
Find out how to get home, dental, auto, and life insurance coverage for less money. 
Save Money on Health Insurance for Individuals and Families
 Individual health insurance is important because thousands of American families have no health coverage. 
Individual Dental Plans; How to Save Money on Dental Care for Your Entire Family Today 
Find out how to save 10-60% on most dental procedures. 
Affordable Home Insurance--Get Cheap Homeowners Coverage 
What home insurance covers, and how to get it for less. 
Save Money on Insurance for Your Car, Truck, SUV, or Van 
Your guide to cheap and discounted vehicle insurance.
Save Money on Life Insurance--Why You Should be Covered 
How much life insurance coverage do you need? How can you get it for less money? 

Top Ways to Lower Your Bills and Save Money on Everyday Expenses
Practical Ways to Lower Your Bills Each Month 
Save Money On TV—Eliminate 50% or More of Your Monthly Television Bill
Find out to save up to $500 a year on television costs 
Lower Your Heating Bill in Practical Ways
Take proactive measures to lower your monthly heating bill 
Saving Money On Electricity
Top Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill Each Month 
Save Money on Gasoline—Top Ways to Lower Your Gas Bill at the Pump 
Even though gas bills are at an all-time high, you can still save money. 

Budget Cooking and Grocery Shopping Made Easier 
Find out ways your family can eat for less money. 
Cutting and Using Coupons to Save On Groceries 
Cutting coupons is a great tool to help you save on name-brand groceries. 
Shop at Aldi Foods and Save 50% or More on Your Grocery Bill 
Aldi’s carries a variety of items at low prices, including groceries, paper products, and toiletries. 
Healthy Brown Bag School Lunch Ideas to Save You Money 
Pack your child's lunches with these fun and frugal ideas. 
Five Meatless Meals; Have Dinner for Less than $5.00 
Even if you are not a vegetarian, having meatless meals a couple of nights a week can save you money.

Budget Holidays—Celebrate Big and Spend Little
You can spend less money and still have wonderful holiday memories! 
Christmas Decorating—Be Festive Without Spending a Fortune 
Your house can still be the most festively decorated on the block, but you don’t have to break the bank. 
Five Holiday Gifts You Can Make Yourself 
Five ideas for presents that are classy and fun to make. 
This Valentine’s Day, Celebrate Love and Family for Less 
It is easy to show your loved ones, friends, and family that you care, while still staying within your budget. 
Find Great Deals for Cheap Holiday Travel 
Many families spend hundreds of dollars to fly home for the holidays—you can spend less! 
Save Money On Easter Day – Budget Easter Clothing, Easter Baskets, Easter eggs, and more! 
Some parents spend almost as much on Easter as at Christmas--save money this year.

Budget Baby Shopping -- Have a Baby without Spending a Fortune 
It is possible to have children and still live debt free—find out how!
Save Money on Maternity Clothing 
Recommended resources for finding maternity clothing for less money 
What Major Baby Equipment do You Really Need? 
Find out what baby items are “must haves” before you spend your money. 
Baby Supplies; Save Money on Diapers, Formula, and Baby Food 
Cut back on baby expenses with this helpful advice. 

Budget Vacations – Cheap Getaway Tips for Families and Couples 
Create memories with an affordable family vacation this year. 
State Parks are a Fun and Cheap Way to Get Away From It All 
State parks offer beautiful scenery and lots of recreational options for families. 
Cheap Airfare; Helpful Tips to Save You Money on Airplane Tickets 
The best ways you can save money on your airfare are right here. 
Save Money While Renting a Beautiful Vacation Home 
Believe it or not, vacation home rentals may be one of the most affordable options for families.
Disney World Money Saving Tips
Have fun at Disney World without spending a fortune

Raising Debt Free Kids – How Do I Live On A Budget With Children? 
Determine now to live within your budget and means, and follow these practical guidelines. 
Report Card Rewards; Companies that Give Your Child Free Stuff for Good Grades 
Did you know several major companies reward a great report card? 
Teaching Kids About Finances and the Value of Money 
Even if your parents did not teach you how to handle money properly, you need to
teach your children these lessons. 
Fun Ideas for Free Activities for the Family to Enjoy 
Can’t afford expensive mom and child classes? Don’t worry—there are lots of options available for free!

How Do I Start Saving Money in An Account? 
Plan an amount to save each week, and start saving. 
Read Our Online Savings Account Reviews 
Reviews of the top 2 online banks/savings accounts 
What are the Different Types of Savings Accounts? 
Learn which option is best for your family. 
Why is it Important to Save for Retirement?
 Practical tips to help you save for retirement. 
8 Creative Ways to Start Saving Money 
It is possible for anyone to start saving! 

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