Thinking About Starting A Home Daycare?

Easy Tips To Start A Daycare

Starting a home daycare can be a great way to bring in extra money! Not to mention the perks of being able to stay at home with your children, and have instant playmates for your kids.

I'm not going to tell you that it's going to be easy. In fact, it takes time and preparation before you open your daycare doors. It's like any business; really.

What Do You Need To Do?

  • Research licensing requirements.
  • Figure out supplies you will need.
  • Research daycare rates in your are.a
  • How you are going to advertise your daycare?

Feel a bit overwhelmed? Please don't. If you are serious about opening a home daycare business, then you can't afford not to buy and read the Daycare Start up Kit By Amanda Fowler. She provides information on:

  • States licensing regulations
  • What is required by the board of health
  • Daycare rates per area
  • What paperwork you will need

What Else Will You Need? Starting A Home Daycare.

Make sure to be up on your CPR/First Aid certification. This is a must for anyone that will be responsible for children. Too, make sure you have liability insurance. This is separate from your homeowners insurance. Once the safety side of your business is taken care of, have some fun. Think of a creative name and begin purchasing supplies!

After all of your "business paperwork" is filled out, it's time to start thinking about your set up. Take a good look at the space that you currently have. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Where will the toys be kept?
  • Do you have room for playpens/ sleeping mats?
  • Where will everyone eat?
  • Will you need highchairs?
  • Do you need a changing table?
  • Is your home childproof?

Feel overwhelmed? Dont! The Daycare Start Up Kit offers several worksheets and a checklist to get you start. Check the boxes and move on to the next. This ensures that you have done everything that is needed to open your doors! I hope this has a been a helpful resource that will start you on your way to quitting your jobs and staying at home. Working with kids is a gift and a much need business. 70% of moms work outside the home, and need a great place to put their kids during working hours.

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