Vacation Home Rentals – How to Save Money While Renting A Beautiful Vacation House

Vacation home rentals may actually be one of the most affordable vacation choices for your family. Of course, if you browse through the home rental websites, you may not believe me, but it is true! 

This is how our family vacations nearly every year. Renting a house on the beach ends up being much cheaper than a motel room. Plus we get added privacy and our own pool or hot tub 

Here is how to get a great deal on a home, step by step: 

1. Decide the general area where you would like to vacation. Are you thinking of a cabin in the woods by a lake? Or a beachside cottage? Or a luxurious home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina? Discuss your options and come to a decision. 

2. Determine who you will ask to go on vacation with you. Besides your family, you will need to get at least three other parties to accompany you. Usually this will be friends or relatives. Pick people to ask who you know you can live with for a week in the same house. The last thing you want on vacation is conflict.

3. Strongly consider vacationing off-season. For many people, the best prices and least-crowded vacations take place in May or December. If you have children, you may not wish to take them out of school. However, if your children are toddlers or babies, that isn’t even a factor. Prices are often up to 75% less off-season. 

4. Pick out a couple of good rental options in the vacation area you have chosen.The best way to do this is search online. I strongly recommend looking for a home with a bathroom for every bedroom. Also, decide how far you want to be from the beach, and what amenities (pool, hot-tub, game-room) you want. 

5. Book the home you have chosen. Check with everyone in your vacation party before booking. When booking, remember there will be tax and insurance added in to the final cost. Split the cost by however many people are in your party. Be sure to send your deposits in on time. 

6. Enjoy your vacation! Have fun in your luxurious accommodations! An idea we have done in the past is to have every family cook a meal one evening (take turns) to cut down on eating costs. 

In conclusion, renting a vacation home can save you hundreds of dollars, and is usually nicer than a motel. Remember, living debt free does not mean you can’t have great family memories and vacations! 

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