Women Work From Home; Top 10 Best Work From Home Jobs!

Women work from home. Every day thousands of women are taking the leap and finding work they can do from home to contribute to the household budget.

9 years ago it was my heart's desire to work from home. Being able to contribute financially and stay at home with my boys sounded ideal.

So, I set out to find the best work from home jobs. I mean real legitimate work from home jobs.

I tried a handful of jobs. Actually times that by two!! A couple of them really worked out for me. Here is a list of what I feel is the best options for stay at home moms or those who wish to have more flexibility in their lives. 

My goal, for this site, is to give you different options to make more, have more, and spend less money! Why? So you can live the life you've dreamed about. That's huge.

Not every option is right for every family! There is no "sure fit," and absolutely no "get rich quick" ideas.

However, there are numerous work from home jobs. You just need to find what fits and what works for you. Here are some options.

1. Sales, Sales, Sales - Women Work From Home

Do you have an outgoing personality? Do you have experience in retail or maybe a background in management?

There are women who work from home that make 20-40% off of retail sales that happen right out of their home. These jobs have great potential to make residual income and unlimited earnings.

Do you want to merely pay for your families groceries, or do you want to have financial freedom? These sales jobs have that kind of potential. It's all in how hard you work!

What is required?

  • Motivated individual
  • Small start up free for the kit

2. Sell Items Online - Women Work From Home

Every now and again i clean house. I really go through those items that our family has outgrown. I know that I could have a weekend garage sell, but Ebay brings in so much more money per item.

When I was in my full Ebay selling wing, I could make upwards of $1,000/month! That is a lot of packing, taping, and shipping, but great extra money.

What is required?

  • Camera
  • Computer
  • Boxes and shipping material

Income can vary depending on how much you sell.

Sell Stuff On Ebay

3. Surveys - Women Work From Home

Surveys can be another way to make some extra pocket change from home. However, some survey companies pay and some don't. That is the nature of surveys.

Now, we are not talking big money, but "Christmas help" money is doable. If you start taking surveys in January, by Christmas you may have some good cash.

What is required?

  • Nothing really just knowledge of what companies pay.

The income from surveys can vary from $1-$10/survey.

Make Money By Taking Surveys

Make Money Online Paid Surveys - My Top 2 Legit Companies

4. Start A Daycare - Women Work From Home

Now, I'm with my two littles all day every day, thanks to my work from home job! Before finding my niche, I entertained the idea of opening an in-home daycare.

Why add more kids to the mix?

I found that life got a little simpler when my boys had their friends over to play. It became instant entertainment for them and I could breathe and stop being Luke Sky walker! :)

This is especially ideal for mothers who have children under the age of 5. You have the ultimate freedom because you don't have to pick up or drop off school-ages children.

What is required?

  • Qualifications vary by state
  • Play area for children
  • Large enough home to accommodate more kids
  • A heart for kids

The income can vary state to state, but here in California it averages around $150/week. This is groceries for most families!

Learn What To Do When Starting A Home Daycare!

5. Mystery Shop -  Women Work From Home

Do you love to shop? Well, who doesn't? Do you want/need some extra pocket change or Christmas money? Then mystery shopping is for you!

This is not a "replace your income job." However, with minimal work you can bring in entertainment money for your family.

What is required?

  • Attention to detail
  • Great written and verbal skills

Again, income can be relatively low, but there are tricks to bump it up a bit.

What is a Secret Shopper? Can you really get paid to shop?

6. Working With Children - Women Work From Home

Watching kids 24/7 may not be your ideal way to supplement your income, but working with children can be a viable way to make a living and work with your passion.

Parents are always searching for the latest classes, therapies, groups, and sports activities for kids. Do you have a gift in one of those areas? Do you have a love of teaching children? Be creative and combine your passions with working with children.

What is required?

  • Love for children
  • Creativity

The income varies, but averages around $15-$50/hour. With enough clientele, this could make a full time income.

7. Become A Webmaster - Women Work From Home

Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Are you knowledgeable or passionate about something? Then creating a website may be the perfect work from home job for you.

This is how I built this website. Through researching the best companies to build a website through, I came across Solo Build It! It has catapulted my income and enabled me to incorporate my network marketing job into the site. It has retired me and changed my husband's future.

I always encourage people to contact me with questions about my business. It is my passion to help others do the same.

What is required?

  • Passion
  • Around $30/month
  • Believe it or not you do not need to know a single thing about building a website

This can potentiall replace your income and even your husband's salary. I'm living proof.

Make Money By Creating A Website

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